Colin Ellis ( is a coach and multi-therapist with many years of experience. He now lives and works near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. Watch out for his book “Overcoming Anxiety: Easy Guide To Using Mindfulness To Get Your Life Back” to be published soon… Join the UPDATES so you can get it at a huge discount when it launches. BTW, all royalties are going to support the charity, Anxious Minds.

Colin EllisColin is able to facilitate deep shifts so even people with complicated symptoms gain their life back in a relatively short period of time. He usually takes on clients for 6 months – so they gain true transformation – and along the way, often resolving deep, lifelong issues that nothing else had made any impact upon.

This is due to the knowledge and training he has absorbed over a period of over two decades (see list of qualifications- click HERE), which means he can now integrate many therapeutic processes and coaching principles for the benefit of his clients.

How is Colin qualified to write about meditation and retreat?

In the late 1990s I joined a meditation class run by a monk of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. I soon learned how a retreat can propel one on their personal development journey. I heard how (according to Tibetan Buddhism) tranquil abiding is a key attainment for enlightenment.

I did a few short retreats before a 3 month silent group Vajrasattva (purification) retreat at the beginning of 2000 followed immediately with a solitary retreat for a further 4 months and 2 months working retreat (9 months in total). In 2001 I went on another 3 month silent group retreat, this time a Vajrayogini (Tantra) retreat. After this it was another couple of months solitary retreat working toward tranquil abiding.

Recently I attempted to gain tranquil abiding in 2012-13 during another long retreat. I admit I didn’t attain the goal but did get ¾ of the way there. Since 2013 I have also been on a few short (8-10 day) retreats to gain an understanding of Mahasi Vipassana Insight Meditation and the Theravada Buddhist tradition. In the last few years I have been rounding off my understanding, by completing courses on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

I now teach meditation – initially in Blackhall Mill, Gatehead then Whitley Bay, Wallsend and Newcastle – and now work for the charity, Anxious Minds, to bring mindfulness to people with anxiety or depression for FREE. You will shortly see my first book on mindfulness meditation on Amazon, so join the website for UPDATES and I shall let you know when it is published.

You can see more about Colin, the Self Improvement Coach, on his website and he has another website dedicated to Self Help and personal development at