How is Colin qualified to write about meditation and retreat?

In the late 1990s I joined a meditation class run by a monk of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. I soon learned how a retreat can propel one on their personal development journey. I heard how (according to Tibetan Buddhism) tranquil abiding is a key attainment for enlightenment.

I did a few short retreats before a 3 month silent group Vajrasattva (purification) retreat at the beginning of 2000 followed immediately with a solitary retreat for a further 4 months and 2 months working retreat. In 2001 I went on another 3 month silent group retreat, this time a Vajrayogini (tantra) retreat. After this it was another couple of months solitary retreat working toward tranquil abiding.

Recently I attempted to gain tranquil abiding in 2012-13 during another long retreat. I admit I didn’t attain the goal but did get ¾ of the way there. In 2013 I also went on couple of short (8-9 day) retreats to gain an understanding of Mahasi Vipassana Insight Meditation and the Theravada Buddhist tradition.

I’ve also taught meditation – see more via this link (click HERE) to the lovely people of Blackhall Mill.

The other qualifications I have are in therapeutic processes and coaching/teaching – see an extract from my profile website below:

Colin Ellis, the Self Improvement Coach, is fully qualified and has earned the following:

  • Hypnotherapy (Diploma)
  • Thought Field Therapy (Advanced level certificates)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP Master Practitioner level)
  • Coaching (NLP Coaching and Sports Performance Coaching certificates)
  • NLP Modeling Certificate
  • Certificate in Counselling
  • Teaching in Further Education (C&G Level 4)

And has studied the following under expert guidance:

  • Energy psychology (EFT, TAT, VT-TFT), Solution Focused Coaching, Buddhist Meditation, and much more.

Professional Bodies, insurance, etc?

I was on the registers of the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, British Thought Field Therapy Association, Association of Thought Field Therapy, and the British Complementary Medicine Association until this year (2012) when I wondered “how many ‘Codes of Conduct’ via Professional/Regulatory Bodies do I really need?logos of Professional Bodies I was accredited with

logo of the British Institute of HypnotherapyI’ve decided only to renew the British Institute of Hypnotherapy membership this year.

badge for a NHS Trusts Association Complementary PractitionerYou can still find Colin Ellis (since 2008) in the NHSTA Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners under ‘Hypnotherapy’ (and ‘North Shields’, as it still has my old address), which means you can ask your GP for help with fees.

Needless to say, the Self Improvement Coach is fully insured, accredited and qualified.

See more at his website,