With visualisation, the sky’s the limit – or is it?

photo of sky through the treesIn the previous article – The Power of Imagination – you learned that visualisations do not need to be visual or clear, but CAN produce very powerful effects.

It is because visualisations can have such a profound affect on one’s mind I have generally steered clear of guided meditations that employ visualisation – unless I have previously seen the person who guides the meditations, in action, so can trust them to be ethical and use non-directed visualisation.

Directed visualisation…

…is when the guide (or you) have decided prior to the use of imagination, what beliefs or assumptions you should have by the end of the meditation. The meditation is therefore designed to lead you to specific conclusions or outcomes. You have to be careful the guide ONLY suggests conclusions or outcomes you want (and you know your own desire is truly what is best for you).

Non-directed visualisations…

…are created in such a way as to leave all the assumptions and conclusions up to you. These are more exploratory, and only create the ‘environment’ for your subconscious mind to utilise the power of your imagination to produce the results you intend.

When I guide visualisations it is of the non-directed type – and I often state the intention “May the outcome be the most appropriate and beneficial for YOU

There are two rules

To help your non-directed visualisations to work effectively:

  • Do NOT, where possible, finish when you have only gotten to a place which keeps you stuck – you must move past it, keep searching, allow new insights – until you reach…*
  • Keep going, maybe over several meditations, until you have gone…  *BEYOND any expectations; to where you feel excited, expansive, joyful (at least contented & peaceful) and enthused by your new insight(s). This is a sign you are in the right place for you.

When the emphasis of a visualisation is to create an inner environment for healing and changes to take place – and there is no adding of beliefs or specific outcomes – the subconscious mind will work miracles. This is truly empowering.

What about ‘intention’?

Having said there are no specific outcomes when using visualisation which is truly empowering, it may sound like I’m saying you shouldn’t have an intention.

An intention may be something like:

“I intend this be an appropriate and beneficial healing meditation”
“I intend this meditation help me with this problem”
“I intend to gain greater insight into my motivations & purpose”
“I intend to receive appropriate and beneficial answers to this question ………..”

A pre-configured outcome might look like this:

“To get him/her to love me”
“To have …….”
“To believe ………”

As you can see, the difference is quite subtle. Many people might say the outcomes above are also intentions… “I intend to have……” This may be correct, but for the purpose of this article, I am separating them so the intent (as described here) is open and not target driven. In other words you focus on the request/intent for ‘what is most appropriate and beneficial in this area of my life’ – without pre-loading what you THINK is best for you. This allows for the greatest flexibility and insight.

The outcome (within this context) is a target or result you are being specific about – specific as in “He/she must love me”, “I must have….”, or “This, ….[such & such]……. belief is what I need most, because I know the limiting belief I have now isn’t serving me”.

That last one, for instance: maybe you are correct about the limiting belief, but are you truly enlightened enough to know what is the most expansive, beneficial (and appropriate) belief with which to replace it? If you are, then an open intention will get you there anyway… but if you could have chosen a slightly different (but more appropriate or beneficial belief), then you will be limiting yourself by intending only to create what you think you want. The chances are, if it is not quite right, it will unravel so you end up back where you started.

I recognise I may be using specific words here in a different way to what you have heard previously, from elsewhere, therefore it can be baffling at times. I’ve written a short book about “How to Read Stuff on Personal Development: Without Feeling Conned!” which may be helpful to anyone interested in self-help material – CLICK HERE to get it FREE.

Is Your Guided Visualisation Truly Empowering?