How effective can your imagination be, in producing deep changes and healing?

manipulated photo of 100s of sparks from a central sunEvery religion, every Guru, everyone who meditates, as well as every Hypnotherapist, Angel Therapist, and most Psychologists use processes that include the imagination (visualisation).

Using the imagination and visualisation are synonymsalthough a visualisation is usually guided or pre-formulated – so if someone asks you to “imagine” something then they are tapping into your power of imagination/visualisation.

See the article on ‘Visualisation in Meditation’ if you think you cannot ‘visualise’.

In that article (link above) I point out your ‘visualisation’ might be a fleeting, vague representation of the thing mentioned, but also may not be ‘visual’ at all.

For instance, in the visualisation described in the article “Happiness & Joy Meditation” I say to imagine all your friends are happy – but you do not need to see all their faces; just a quick, vague glimpse of a crowd of ghostly shadows you decide represents your friends being happy is more than enough. I have used the flash of an image of fields of grass to represent the part where one imagines “everyone – all the way to the horizon” then the wind blowing over the grass represents them all being happy!

What this tells us is:

  1. A vague sense of what you want to imagine, no more than a flash, is fine.
  2. You can choose to tell yourself whatever blurry image/emotion/sensation ‘appears*’, represents the thing you want to imagine.
    * Remember, in visualisation, what ‘appears’ may not actually be visual – for instance, you can tell the story in your head.
  3. You can choose to be creative with your own representations – and they do not have to be anything like the thing they represent.

The great thing about using your imagination to resolve problems is it often bypasses the defences we have built up over the years. So, for instance, many people have been emotionally hurt in the past by others, which then makes them less trusting (their perception is skewed toward seeing potential threats from others) therefore they are less able to give & receive love. But they can imagine a loving relationship. By being creative with your imagination you can produce alternative scenarios for past, present and future relationships.

Amazingly, with the right intentions, the subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between what is real and what is imaginary so uses the visualisation to heal the past hurts. It works!

We can even use metaphors and fantasy, allowing your imagination to come up with the stories – and with the slightest nudge (intention) you can be the Director of a transformational healing/learning process.

What can visualisations do for me?

Here are a small example of things you can do:

  1. Heal the past of traumas, emotional hurts & any related beliefs
  2. Create a new future, in line with the true YOU
  3. Take a journey to connect with your inner guidance
  4. Integrate your whole being – no more arguing with yourself!
  5. Generate a happy mind, full of enthusiasm for life.

Of course, the benefits you gain from the above list (if done as one-off meditations) will fade… but with repetition, and especially if used as part of a wider meditation practice, these meditations can have a profound, lasting effect.

Power of Imagination