Most visualisations utilise fantasy & myth to create a sci-fi realm of impossible possibility as a playground for change – but what if you don’t believe in it?

Surely it will not work if I do not believe?

fantasy image of a fairyOne of the things we need to remember, when we start using metaphors and fantasy within our imagination for healing, is to suspend belief. When you watch a sci-fi movie (or read any fiction), you suspend belief by not getting too caught up in the ‘reality checking’, or evaluating the scenes based upon what you know to be true. In the same way, you need to suspend belief so the movie (or story) you create within your mind can work it’s magic.

Let go of analysis and evaluating when using your imagination – or else your ‘rational’ mind will simply get in the way and you will gain little benefit from the meditation, which may have you give up on it due to having ‘proven’ this stuff doesn’t work.

If you can let go of your analysis or evaluating the content of your imagination, visualisations work wonderfully.

Will it make me believe in fairies if I visualise them helping me?

You will NOT start believing in chakras (energy centres), unicorns and angels just because you allowed your imagination to dance and play with the ideas – in the same way as you didn’t believe in what you see in a sci-fi film in order to suspend belief and enjoy the experience.

There are two main differences between watching a film and a visualisation…

  1. The intention is different – to be entertained versus your intention to heal/learn/change state.
  2. Outward focus on stuff created by someone else versus creations of your own making.

That’s not to say watching TV has no effect. Much of your cultural beliefs and opinions came via the TV – over 90% of which are fictional (even the News is mostly speculation and opinion these days). I’m not saying it is bad – unless you take on and believe limiting stuff about yourself.

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Suspend Belief to Change Your Beliefs
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